Can 9-1-1 find you?
Glades Area 9-1-1 Addressing Project

A cooperative effort between:
Glades Technical Advisory Committee
Birch Communications
Canal Point Community Development Inc.
Embarq E911 County Helpdesk
Palm Beach County, Planning, Zoning & Building Department
Palm Beach County 9-1-1 Management
Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue
Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's Office
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
United States Postal Service
Vonage E911 Operations

PBSO Belle Glade 9-1-1/Dispatch Office

The mission of the Glades 9-1-1 Addressing Project
is to ensure that the residents of western Palm Beach County
receive requests for emergency services in a timely manner.

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Areas designated as having issues with 9-1-1 and/or emergency services response are being corrected in the following manner:

Listed below is some of the history of the project. As of 10/1/10 most of the issues have been resolved and the project has entered an ongoing "maintenance" phase.
Belle Glade:


Corkscrew Blvd/Lake Harbor area:

Canal Point area:

Other areas in The Glades:

If you know of an area that has a problem with 9-1-1 or emergency response in The Glades, or if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Capt. Craig Prusansky from Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue at

We can't find you if we can't see your address!

Per PBC code, address numbers need to be 6" high for residences and 8" high for businesses.

If the address is on a post or mailbox at the street, it should be clearly visible from both directions and clear of brush, overgrowth, or other obstructions.

If the address is on a building, it should be clearly visible from the street. If the building is too far away from the street, then an address sign should be placed at the street.

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